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Thank you for taking an interest in DoubleValue.com. You will experience an unprecedented shopping experience both in pricing and quality. For too long, we as consumers have paid for retail products 2 to 3 times its cost. The majority of those profits go to employees, expensive storefronts, lighting, air-conditioning and the nice retail environment.

Our mission statement: To bring quality, department store products to consumers at a factory direct price.

You will pay for products as if you are buying from the manufacturer directly and skip paying those extra expenses that really doesn't help make the products you purchase better. We are committed to bring you top quality products at a direct factory price in wide variety of products. Our selection of neckties is some of the best you'll find at the prices we offer. Our high quality bowties and silk neckties come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to match any style.

There will be a wide range of products to come, so stay tuned and keep coming back to our web site for the latest products. Write to us often and let us know what you would like to see on our web site.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers with great products and exceptional service.

Please let us know how we can better serve you.



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Location: 820 S. Broadway, Suite 100-B
Los Angeles, California 90014
Hours: 9am to 6pm PST (everyday)

Customer Service:

Phone: (213) 422-5595 (please call during business hours)